Data Orchestration for Intelligence, Speed, and Value – With Governance

Today, corporate data landscapes are growing increasingly diverse and distributed. Data volume is exploding with unstructured data from the Internet of Things and social sites. And companies are storing data in multiple locations – on premise, in the cloud, in data warehouses, and on edge devices. The SAP® Data Hub solution empowers you to unlock the value of all your data.

Challenges in Today's Enterprise landscapes
Distributed systems and new technologies

Data has become less accessible due to proliferation of cloud-based solutions and business unit built applications, further fragmenting the data landscape Companies understanding of their customers, suppliers and products has declined, caused by data being inaccessible Sustainable legal risks due to lack of governance, e.g. GDPR Difficulty of operationalizing data science use in every business process

The all-in-one data orchestration solution discovers, refines, enriches, and governs any type, variety, and volume of data across your entire distributed data landscape with out moving the data. It supports your intelligent enterprise by rapidly delivering trustworthy data to the right users with the right context at the right time.

  • Deployable anywhere – on premise, private and managed cloud services
  • Automated, reusable data pipelines for scale and efficiency
  • Unified metadata catalog for visibility across all data assets
  • End-to-end data landscape management for effective use of all data
  • Central graphical user interface to monitor and distribute data

Data Hub Flow

Orchestrate your data

Accelerate the efficient delivery of your intelligent data with innovative data pipelines that enable smart customer experiences.

Know your data

Improve user experiences with metadata management strategies that improve data visibility and enable pervasive data consumption.

Unlock trusted data

Harness the power of exponentially growing data to expand your offering portfolio with flexible, open, end-to-end data landscape managment.

How pivox can help

  • Creates a best practices-driven organizational governance model including roles and responsibilities before implementing a new IT solution.
  • Guides your organization to create data in a unified and consistent manner that will keep long-term data standards in place.
  • Creates data cleansing routines based on data quality standards and the organization’s business rules.
  • Develops an operational business process model to manage data and the prescriptive guidance to implementing it effectively in a new IT solution.
  • Establishes a recommended IT landscape to supports corporate goals in a cost-effective manner.
  • Provides data governance advice and frameworks in the areas of Materials, Business Partner and Finance Master data.

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